by Dane, Diana, and Mei Lan

The first thing we saw when we got to Ghirardelli Square was a big, bubbly, mermaid fountain. There were bronze frogs with their mouths open shooting out streams of water! Then we smelled a delicious smell. It was chocolate! We wanted to immediately run to the nearby chocolate factory. The Square was named after –Domingo Ghirardelli. There were many plaques to read about the history of the place. It was fun to stand on the staircase and look across the bay at Alcatraz.

Ghirardelli Square is an old chocolate factory that has been converted into a mall with lots of stores and restaurants. It is located near the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. You can get tours around Ghirardelli Square. The original owner’s name was Domingo Ghirardelli. He learned to make chocolate in Uruguay when he was 20.

History of Ghirardelli Square

Location of Ghirardelli Square

Physical and Natural Features of Ghirardelli Square