When I stepped into the Cable Car Barn, I saw 12 giant wheels turning. There were 4 sections, each section had 3 wheels. 8 of the wheels are closer to me. The other 4 are on the other side of the room. There are 4 cables ruling around the wheels, and then I heard…. Ring! Ring! I knew that a cable car was coming down the hill.

A cable car moves when the grip man pulls a lever that grips a cable under the street. He does this on flat streets and on hills, but going down hills the grip man lets go of the cable and puts on the brake. The cables never stop moving until the cable cars shut down. There are 4 cable car lines: Powell, Mason, Hyde and California. These are the only remaining lines. There used to be about 12, but they where destroyed in the 1906 earthquake.

The Cable Car Barn is located at 1201 Mason and Washington Street. If you have a GPS, the coordinates are 37° 47’25’’N 122° 25’19”W and its phone number is 415 -475-1887. It is in the Nob Hill neighborhood in San Francisco. The Cable Car was invented by Andrew Hallidie in 1873, because he felt bad for horses pulling buggies up steep hills.

At one time many cities including New York, Chicago and Denver had Cable Cars. So did cities in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. San Francisco has the only surviving Cable Car system.

The Cable Cars operate between 6 a.m. and 12.30 a.m. It is $5.00 to ride the Cable Car.


Here are the wheels that turn the cables.