Standing at the corner by the Cable Car Museum, I hear bells ringing. As soon as I hear the bells ring, I know that a cable car is coming soon. Suddenly a cable car comes flying down the hill and past the Cable Car Museum. I run as fast as my feet can carry me across the street and soon I get to the Cable Car Museum! As I rush inside, I go upstairs and I see 12 giant wheels spinning and spinning around. Than I see cables attached to the wheels. I also saw wires pulled by big, heavy, hard metal wheels. I read a fact about what pulls the cable car around the city. I heard loud sounds such as gears being tested and other loud sounds that can be surprising. In the museum you can see: cable cars, photographs, metal displays, and a gift shops. When the cable car comes, bells start to ring. The Cable Car Museum is a very fun place!!

Did you know that Cable Cars are the only Historic Landmark that moves in the world? The history of the cable car is fascinating. In 1817, Andrew Smith painted the first cable car. He also tested the first cable car ever. He made a track 307 feet long that went down a hill (it started at the top). The first people to ride the cable car were very nervous. They were scared that they would get injured, but the cable car worked and carried people up and down hills. This made San Francisco very famous! There are now cable cars in New York City! I hope you also get to go and visit the Cable Car Museum so you can experience this yourself!

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