Bank of Italy

by Max K., Sulmi, and Ben

Our first impression of the Bank of Italy. It was on a very busy street. It was very tall to us, but very small compared to the other buildings around it. When we walked inside we met a very nice lady named Marie. She was the security guard and so nice that Sulmi drew a picture of her. We noticed a big vault across the room and a clock with angels around it above the vault. We saw lots of security cameras in the room. There were carved marble designs on the walls and ceiling. Marie gave us a tour of the first floor!

The Bank of Italy is located in the financial District of San Francisco. It is located in a busy area of downtown San Francisco. There are businesses in the Bank of Italy right now, but not a bank. The Bank of Italy changed its name to Bank of America, which is one of the largest banks in the United States.


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