When we got off the bus, we walked down the path and we saw the Balclutha. It was way in the distance but we immediately recognized it from all the pictures we had seen on the Balclutha websites. We were so exited to see it in person. The Balclutha is a cargo ship to carry coal and grain and other things. It would also carry animals for milk is what we learned from our first interview at the visitor center. Finally, we went down to the dock and it started to rain. We interviewed three more people and went down to see it. Whoosh Whoosh was the sounds of the waves crashing onto the sides of the boats. It was a peaceful sound and it looked grander up close then far away. We measured it and it was time to go, but we had a great time. You too can go down to the dock and visit the Balclutha too.
Did you know that You were not allowed to bring cows on board because they would get very seasick and sadly die. One of the fanciest cabins on board was named Skyline. The captain had three spare sleeping cabins. The Balclutha was formally named Star Of Alaska. Balclutha means “City Of The Clyde.” The ship sailed for 42 years. The ship carried cargo and food like salmon that wasn't alive and animals. Not all the animals were used for milk, some were used for meat. The seaman’s’ bunks were lined with steel so it was hard to sleep. The sails were also made out of steel, but were also iron. The Balclutha was a British vessel for thirteen years, but still bringing coal and grain to California. I hope you get to visit the Balclutha too. Back to the main page.