16 inches tall 7 inches 22 inches long

Welcome to my page let me tell you some facts

  1. Upstairs you will find beach chalet brewery and restaurant it was made by Gar and Lara Trappelli and Timon Malloy in 1997 after the Beach Chalet had sat vacant for 17 years.

  2. Beach chalet was on the beach but it started to sink because of the sand

  3. The 1925 Beach Chalet designed by Willis Polk features a beautiful series of mural painted during the Depression era.

  4. The architectural style is Spanish Colonial Revival

  5. The WPA (Work Project Administration) built the Chalet under the direction of Lucien Labault.

  6. The Beach Chalet had fallen into disrepair but was restored and reopened in 1997, once again offering dining and drinking.

  7. The original murals were also restored in 1997.

  8. Beach Chalet hired Heller Manus architects to do the remodeling

  9. The murals are on the first floor and the restaurant is on the second floor

  10. Park Chalet is basically a more modern restaurant than the Beach Chalet see you soon

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